Hey, I’m Cat

How I went from corporate zombie to helping thousands of online entrepreneurs build a life & business they love.

Before there was a successful business. Before the best-selling books. Before the multiple 6-figure revenues and raving fans…there was a heads down corporate gal, who didn’t really know what she wanted.

Dying for validation

Desperate to make an impact.

Scared to death of going out on her own.

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Then came the LEAD BOSS

Going from corporate to business success wasn’t as strightforward was I thought it would be.

Back in my corporate days, I was climbing the ladder as fast as possible, until I realized that the dream I thought I was going for was turning into a nightmare.

Endless hours managing multi-million dollar contracts, more hours working on even bigger proposals, all for what?

But my MBA hadn’t prepared me for being an entrepreneur.

I had already encountered high ticket investments in funnels, webinars, and xxxxx #OhMy, when I finally took the leap, and went into my business full time (no longer a side hustle).

I got triggered by the too-muchness, not-enoughness, and second guessing that comes along with taking any kind of risk.

And that’s when it started to click. “They” had all been wrong!

Building my business wasn’t about those fancy gimmicks.

They had just been empty promises to to fill the bro-marketers promises, without really looking at whether it was the right strategy for my business… because business strategy is not one size fits all!

So I figured it out. Before any of that stuff can be leveraged effectively, there are core aspects of your business that need to be running like clockwork.


Here’s what I figured out and shored up

Where my ideal clients are


How to talk to them in a way that makes them curious about what I do


Invite people to work with me, without the shake ya down strategies the bro’s like to teach

From this powerful place I was then able to start leveraging more automation and support, because I was creating repeat success and amplifying what was working.
Over the years I developed the reputation of being a


Helping my client find their ideal clients in droves, and supporting them to go from “Hello?” to “Hired!”

I do this by making sure that the strategies and systems I teach and coach on, are the ones that I use in my business – they’re proven and repeatable.

Are you ready to take the REAL, momentum-building action steps to scale your business so you can create predictable and repeatable revenues, without taking time away from your family?

If I hear one more bro-marketer say “xxxxxxx” I’ll scream!
I know you can do this, because you wouldn’t have set out to start your business if you hadn’t first believed in yourself!

You’ve invested time and money into your business, probably more than you want to publicly admit.

Getting to this point on the page, shows me you’re willing to do the work – but now it’s a matter of not wasting your time or money… You want to be sure you’re working on the RIGHT action and can’t waste another big investment in something that doesn’t produce an positive ROI.


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Extremely family focused, with a loving husband and three kids
Obsessed with movies (if you haven’t noticed)
Can cook anything I set my mind to (very few burned food incidents)
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